Digital Currencies, Digital Finance and the Constitution of a New Financial Order: Challenges for the Legal System

Date(s) - 27/07/2016
09:30 - 18:30

European Public Law Organization (EPLO)

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Τhe conference deals with emergent economic, political and legal phenomena in the field of finance. Therefore, it aims to raise questions and explore innovative connections rather than to give definite answers. It pursues four distinct goals. First, it intends to generate awareness and facilitate a better understanding of the actors, phenomena and dynamics of the new financial order. Second, it explores the economic, political and legal implications that follow from a data-driven financial world. The concept of the performativity of markets offers a great vantage point that can bring together a range of discussions spanning from the legal and political implications of technological change in financial intermediation to even larger questions of monetary governance. Third, these debates will ideally constitute the basis of an edited volume that brings the proceedings of the conference to the attention of a greater public. Fourth, the conference aims to bring together internationally-renowned experts from different fields and disciplines so as to facilitate a discourse that breaks up traditional patterns of intellectual exchange. This is primarily reflected in the composition of the panels.

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