#Online event: 2021 EU Conference on modelling for policy support: collaborating across disciplines to tackle key policy challenges

Date(s) - 22/11/2021 - 26/11/2021

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The Conference is fully online and free of charge. Selected sessions are recorded and web streamed. It is possible to register to the event until 19 November. Please note that for workshops and training there is a limited number of participants and registration closed on 7 November.


Tackling policy challenges requires making political choices, which must be transparently informed by evidence.

Models are extensively used to analyse the environmental, economic, and social impacts of policies. The European Commission makes use of models throughout the policy cycle and is committed to sound and transparent use of evidence in the framework of the Better Regulation policy and Open science principles.

The Conference brings together researchers and policymakers from European and international institutions, Member States, universities, research institutes and consultancies to identify common challenges and solutions when using models to support policymaking across all policy domains.

In 2019 the first edition of the Conference highlighted the need and added value for model developers and users to share knowledge and best practices. The programme of the 2021 Conference has been further enriched to provide additional opportunities of exchange between modellers and policymakers.

Keynote Speakers

The Keynote speeches will address the use of models to tackle high challenges, starting from specific experiences to then discuss lessons and best practices of relevance to the whole modelling community.

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