Date(s) - 01/06/2021 - 03/06/2021

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Supercharge your Angular skills with leading engineers: 40+ speakers and 32 hours of live content is best way to stay on top.

2021, June 1 Junior Track 10 am – 1 am GMT 2021, June 2 & 3 Senior Track 10 am – 11 pm GMT
Angular 11 is a hot subject of discussions in professional communities. What new features one can find and use? What’s the migration process? Are there reasons to move the non-Angular project to Angular 11? There are lots of questions. And we want to help you find answers.
To bring the discussion to the next level, we’ve gathered the world’s most powerful Angular specialists. Speakers from Microsoft, Google, Upwork, Samsung, JetBrains, Forbes and other companies are ready to share their special tips and tricks and their knowledge about the new Angular 11 version.

We invite you to join this event and get inspired to work on your new Angular projects!

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