#Online event: Display: none; – CSS Basics and Moodle

Date(s) - 12/07/2022

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Display: none; – CSS Basics and Moodle

Want to make minor changes to how your Moodle site looks, but there is no setting for it?

This webinar will walk you through various tips and tricks on where to find the Custom Style Sheet (CSS) for the part of the site you want to change, what to put where and why, how to test changes live without actually making the change, and some code snippets you can copy and paste to use right away.

Join us for an interactive learning experience as we share tips and tricks for beautifying your site and even your courses.

Attendees will learn how to:
– Find where the CSS code actually is using your browser
– Test the changes live without committing the changes
– Find HTML and CSS snippets to use on your site
– Make custom CSS changes without changing core code

We’ll also share bonus tips on adding web fonts. Register now to reserve your spot!

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