#Online event: GopherCon Poland

Date(s) - 15/09/2021

Κατηγορία(ες) Δεν υπάρχουν κατηγορίες

GopherCon Poland is the Polish edition of the GopherCon conference. The goal of the event is to raise the participants’ qualifications and show the applications of new products in Go language.

During the conference, we will present the use of new products in Go language. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden their qualifications. GopherCon Poland conference is a great opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange experiences and ideas for the future.

GopherCon Poland is addressed to specialists of the so-called golang strangers as well as people that are just starting to be programmed in this language. Thanks to a series of diverse lectures, the conference gives the opportunity expanding your knowledge on selected topics.

Click here for more info and the schedule.

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