#Online event: How BDTI encourages public administrations further use their data (CEF Digital Connecting Europe Webina Series)

Date(s) - 18/06/2020
12:00 - 13:30

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The European Commission is holding a series of webinars on two of its Building Blocks, Context Broker and the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI).

For municipalities, data generation is on the rise due to the rapid growth of smart sensors, cloud computing solutions, mobile devices, applications and or citizen-facing portals.

In the public sector, data is used to inform and shape the views of countless policymakers, politicians, public sector officers, academics and guide millions of euro’s worth of investment. However, as digital data expands and becomes more complex, so does information management.

The Context Broker and BDTI can help you make sense of the data available through your city’s information systems, and make the right decisions to improve the public services you offer to your citizens. Data is a strategic asset, and all municipalities should be able to leverage on it.

The European Union can help you transform the way you make your decisions!

Get to know our Building Blocks

What exactly are the Context Broker and the Big Data Test Infrastructure? 

  • The Context Broker is a standard-based API allowing users to collect, integrate and contextualise data in real time. It is often used by cities to track actions in real-time and then make real-time decisions.

For example, the Context Broker enables the use of IoT data to prevent hostile behavior and noise pollution on a bustling street in Eindhoven.

  • BDTI is a free testing infrastructure offering virtual environment templates to explore and experiment with various data sources, software tools and big data techniques. For up to 6 months, any European public administration can use our big data test environment for free. We set up your data environment for you so you can focus your energy on gathering knowledge, insight and value from your data.

For example, thanks to BDTI, DifI, the Norwegian digitalisation agency, is analysing its procurement process using AI and Machine Learning techniques to eliminate inefficiencies and save time and money.

This webinar will explore how public administrations can further use BDTI to take their use of big data to the next level.

• What is BDTI
• BDTI service offering – Focus on the new services
• How to get started with BDTI
• BDTI case studies

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