#Online event: International Javascript Conference_The online Conference

Date(s) - 02/09/2020 - 04/09/2020

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With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic earlier this year, we luckily succeeded immediately in setting an alternative date for International JavaScript Conference London. Today, with some months into the pandemic, it is obvious that regular life and business is still not what it used to be with on-going restrictions regarding traveling and holding events in London.

Hence, we have decided to transform iJS London into a pure online conference, so you won’t have to travel in these times – without you missing anything!

You will find the full-fledged conference, that you already have been looking forward to, with a wealth of sessions and keynotes, great speakers and inspiring expo partners. Everything will just be online, performed in real time, brought to you through a modern online conferencing platform.

We can’t wait to see you there – virtually! And to meet you in person next year, when we celebrate iJS London 2021!

JavaScript is everywhere!

JavaScript has come a long way from the early days of being a scripting language. Today virtually all software projects use JavaScript. Join our exciting sessions and workshops at International JavaScript Conference to take your JS skills to the next level.

Become a full stack JS developer

Angular, React, Vue.js, NativeScript, Electron, Node.js: Find out how to use JavaScript from frontend to backend, for native mobile, desktop apps, and even cloud native development. Build your own toolchain!

Be inspired

JavaScript is constantly evolving. From latest best practices in single page applications to progressive web apps and serverless computing to blockchain development: Our renowned experts at iJS will bring you the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in JavaScript and enhance your JS knowledge where it matters.

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