#Online event: Managing Users Identities and Access Control Policies with API Umbrella

Date(s) - 29/09/2021
11:00 - 12:00

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About this event

Access and usage control guarantees the enforcement of data access and usage policies – such policies are defined as part of the terms and conditions when data resources and services are published or negotiated between providers and consumers. Once defined, the policies must be enforced using appropriate software tools. This webinar demonstrates the potential of using API Umbrella for access control across a FIWARE-based system.

API Umbrella is an open source API management tool incorporating both Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) and Policy Decision Point (PDP) functions which allows users to track and control API usage through API Keys and JSON Web Tokens. It also offers additional features such as rate limiting, API usage analytics and caching. During the webinar we will present the core functions of API umbrella and give examples on how to protect your APIs based on API Keys and tokens. Finally, we will introduce recent developments on how to manage API usage at the attribute level, based on iSHARE specifications.

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Speaker: Dennis Wendland* (Technical Lead and Architect at the FIWARE Foundation) and Francisco de la Vega** (Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at FICODES).


Difficulty: 2

Audience: Any Technical


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Dennis Wendland is a Technical Lead and Architect at the FIWARE Foundation where he is involved in a variety of projects in the field of data spaces. He holds a doctorate in high energy physics from Humboldt University Berlin gaining a broad experience in the development of statistical analysis software and the analysis of large data sets. He has also worked at T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom AG acquiring expertise in the development, architecture and management of large software projects.

Francisco de la Vega is a co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at FICODES, as well as a FIWARE architect. He has been engaged with FIWARE actvities for nearly ten years through multiple EU projects such as FI-WARE, FI-CORE, and FI-Next. Initially he worked as a researcher in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and then moved into his current role as CTO of FICODES. He has been actively participating in the FIWARE Community initially through contributions to the Business Framework Generic Enabler (Store, Marketplace, Repository, and Revenue Settlement and Sharing system), and later as the FIWARE/TMF Business API Ecosystem GE owner, which integrates the aforementioned software with standard TMForum technologies. He is currently a member of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee representing the area of Data/API Management, Publication and Monetization

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