#Online event: PyCon India

Date(s) - 17/09/2021 - 20/09/2021

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The largest gathering of Pythonistas in India for the Python programming language.

What is PyCon India ?

PyCon India is the largest annual gathering of Python aficionados and experts in India where Pythonistas come from around the world to celebrate their use of Python, and share their knowledge and experience. It is a volunteer-driven conference aimed to foster the adoption, use, and development of the Python programming language. The 13th edition of PyCon India will be taking place online from 17th September to 20th September 2021.With this unique scenario at hand, we plan to make this year’s conference bigger, better, and more accessible to Pythonistas all across the world who can watch, participate and share their views right from the comfort of their homes.

What happens during the conference?

PyCon India 2021 consists of 3 events rolled into one mega event for 3 days of learning and fun:

Conference Days:

September 18-19, 2021 will be the Conference Days. On the conference days, people will be able to connect with other Pythonistas, discuss their experiences, present their ideas, and attend the talks, BoFs and Poster Sessions.

Workshop Day :

Workshop Day will be on September 17, 2021. On the workshop day, people can attend hands-on workshops, and learn about a topic they have been excited about, but didn’t get the time or resources to learn about from an expert.

Devsprint :

The Developer Sprints will be on September 20, 2021. During the Devsprints, people can contribute to open source projects, guided by mentors having experience with open-source and their projects. This is a great opportunity for people to start contributing to Python and other open-source projects.

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