#online event: Space Data benefiting Urban Territories

Date(s) - 24/03/2022 - 25/03/2022

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NOTE – All presentations of the first day (24/03) will be delivered in French only. The B2B sessions organised on the second day (25/03) are however not limited to French speaker, as networking can perfectly be held in English.

Forest management, land use monitoring and biodiversity protection… the impact of climate change on the quality of life and the resilience of our urban areas is at the heart of decisions maker concerns. Establishing quantifiable and measurable observations objectives is therefore becoming a crucial issue in the decision-making and evaluation process of public policies. Answering these issues is being made possible by many tools using satellite data, providing valuable assistance to land managers.

You are a local authority or a local public actor? Come and learn more about the concept of satellite data through the example of the European Earth observation program Copernicus – whose data and services are freely accessible to all – and discover solutions meeting your own problems!

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