Paris Open Source Summit

Date(s) - 10/12/2019 - 11/12/2019

Châteauform' Les Docks de Paris

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Merge of two events: – Solutions Linux – Open World Forum Mozilla was usually present at these two events. Now the event is called Paris Open Source Summit (POSS) This event aims to be global. With aims to cover the major issues of open source, the program will be divided into three main themes: business, technological and societal. “Business-wise, the focus will be on feedback, particularly in the areas of governance, purchases or open source innovation”

The Paris Open Source Summit is Europe’s premier event on open source, free software and open innovation. International conference summit, business fair and community event, OSS Paris highlights the driving role of open source technologies in current and future digital transformations.

In 2019, OSS Paris becomes the TECH meeting of the open source ecosystem, which brings together for 2 days the contributors, decision-makers and users of technological bricks and open source solutions.

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