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I know I have mentioned previously about the way my business is set up. Although I market myself as “The Article Writer” and pay for paper use this particular web address as my main site, it is only one part of the way that I manage my business.

I would love to convince you that when I started working for myself as of November 2002 that I had a clear business plan in place. That would be as about as far from the truth as you could get!

Instead, when I started freelancing — thanks to a layoff following a nearly 11 year long stint in business aviation — I imagined myself continuing in the role I had previously held as a technical writer. That effort quickly bombed as I realized the logistics of working at home required a write my capstone paper huge investment in equipment beyond the computer: printers, tables, binding equipment, etc. Fortunately, I had a severance package in place and unemployment to help ease my transition as those first several months were very bleak.

Thereafter, I had to contend with the illnesses and deaths of my mother and my mother-in-law and keeping the business growing took a back seat. Almost 10 months after getting the business started I was able to concentrate once again on putting it all back together. Let’s just say by https://payforessay.pro/accounting-homework-help/ that time I was determined NOT to be a technical writer, instead to write more creatively. Indeed, it was several newsletters that I had penned while working in business aviation that helped to create the spark that I needed.

Before I lose you I will jump to the main point of this article: I don’t depend on my writing business alone to generate income. In fact, there are five ways that I make money:

Freelance Writing Website Design/Management Resume Design/Subscriptions Pay Per Click Advertising Banner Advertising

There are times when one segment of my business does really well while at the same time another one may lag. Being spread out this way enables me to not depend on one area so that I can weather the hits that come with being self employed. Indeed, they do come.

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