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Fab labs are conceived and designed to encourage the idea that anyone can fabricate/make anything anywhere in the world by sharing technological and social knowledge and by using machines of digital manufacturing.

The project emerged from a program launched by The Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) of MIT and is led by physicist Neil Gershenfeld (director of CBA). The project of Fab Labs has extended from laboratories in downtown Boston to rural India, South Africa, Norway, Spain, Afghanistan, Kenya and more.

All Fab Labs work in coordination through the Internet and a video conference network, they meet annually in a global event and are buildingone ofthe largest networks ofknowledge andpeople in the world.

The Fab Labs use advanced techniques and technologies which are being made accessible to everyone. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as laser cutters, 3-dimensional printers and scanners, milling machines and electronic components. 



Fab Lab Athens is a user-based physical platform emerging as new ‘urban tool’ ushering in a new model of production and economic activity in the city of Athens.

It is a platform for the development of Digital Fabrication Technologies working with principles of Computer-Aided Manufacturing , Personal Fabrication, ICT and Open Source Philosophy.

Fab Lab Athens explores how the digitalization of production could lead to new and efficient economic, social and educational models in national and international regions.

An active node of the Fab Lab Network, currently investigates and takes actions on Science fields of Production, Design and Communication and on current phenomena of global and local economical crisis.


  • to test and promote new economic, social and educational models in the local context of Greece and in the global scenario of the 3rd Industrial Revolution and the crisis societies
  • to organize activities, research and educational programs related with Science fields of production, designing and communication
  • to create an Open Lab that is accessible to local people, professionals, researchers, students, children and to anybody interested in learning and testing the uses and applications of digital fabrication technologies


  • Multidisciplinarity as a basis for creating new knowledge
  • Cutting-edge Digital Technologies as a mean of innovation and social interaction
  • Open Access to latest technology equipment and infrastructure
  • Exchange of knowledge as part of an open and global networked community
  • Learning by doing, deriving knowledge and the discipline for progress from experience