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GFOSS Example Tasks for Google Code In 2017[edit | edit source]

  1. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Edit an article in Greek Wikipedia
  2. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Create an article in Greek Wikipedia on a specific topic
  3. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Edit a node to OpenStreetMap
  4. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Add your school to Openstreetmap
  5. Code: Write a python code that includes variables and operators
  6. Code: Write a password generator in Python.
  7. Documentation: Review and fix the Greek translation of an open source project
  8. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance: Translate a help for function of LibreOffice Documentation to Greek
  9. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research:Take 5 photos of some animals  and plants, choose a Creative commons License from and upload them to wikimedia commons with the proper licence and description
  10. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Use Open Educational resource- Go to and find 10 related educational resources for your classroom , and write a short presentation about them
  11. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Go tο and create a presentation using slides from 3 existing presentations
  12. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance: Download the High School Linux Distribution from , write it to a usb stick, test it as live distribution on your computer and write a small review about your experience
  13. Code, Documentation/Training: Design a simple 3d drawing in
  14. Code, Documentation/Training: Design a complex 3d drawing in
  15. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Download Gimp and use it to edit 2 of your photos (-change the Size (Dimensions) of an Image (Scale) - change the Size (Filesize) of a JPEG - Crop an Image - Rotate or Flip an Image )
  16. Code, Documentation/Training: Wordpress- Website: Create an account at and create a wordpress article with images and video
  17. Code, Documentation/Training: Github - git :  Create a repo to update the readme file and commit one file
  18. Code, Documentation/Training: Github- git: Fork a gfoss repository
  19. Code, Documentation/Training: Wordpress- Website : Change the theme and the colours of a test website
  20. Code, Documentation/Training: MediaWiki : Fix and complete articles to (wiki of Greek public services)
  21. Outreach/Research:Attend an open source event
  22. Outreach/Research, Documentation/Training, Use Libreoffice Impress, and create a presentation about the benefits of Free Software in education
  23. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Use of Open Data: Go to ,and and download 5 published decisions of your city council, that are related to education
  24. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research: Open Data: Go to and write a report about 5 public consultations
  25. Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research:Privacy: Read and write a presentation about the importance of privacy