Google Summer of Code 2017 Accepted projects

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Diavgeia Redefined[edit | edit source]

Redefined functionality of Diavgeia using RDF and Blockchain. Beginning October 1st, 2010, all government institutions are obliged to upload their acts and decisions on the Internet with special attention to issues of national security and sensitive personal data. Each document is digitally signed and assigned a unique Internet Uploading Number (IUN), certifying that the decision has been uploaded at the “Transparency Portal”. Following the latest legislative initiative (Law 4210/2013) of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, administrative acts and decisions are not valid unless published online.

Implementation of a Re-Encryption Mix-Net for Zeus[edit | edit source]

This module implements the re-encryption mix-net presented by Fauzi et al. in their paper: "A Shuffle Argument Secure in the Generic Model".

The motivation behind this implementation is to replace the mix-net used by the e-voting application, Zeus in favor of a faster one. However it can be used by anyone that needs a mix-net implementation. That is, apart from e-voting, the mix-net can be used for other tasks such as surveys and the collection of data from various IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The implementation was based on an existing prototype of the same re-encryption mix-net.

Greek glyphs for Eczar font family[edit | edit source]

Full support for the Greek script, including polytonic, to an existing open source typeface. Eczar was selected, an open-source type family designed by Vaibhav Singh, produced by David Březina, and published by Rosetta Type Foundry.

Donation Box Network[edit | edit source]

Modernize the so called donation boxes, to keep pace in the new digital era. This will achieve by implementing all the necessary infrastructure to create ultimately a decentralized (from specific donations boxes) network, where all donation boxes are interconnected and can be managed from a central node. This work modernizes the concept of a traditional donation box.