2 PyData Piraeus meetup: Fraud Detection and Supply Chain Advanced Analytics

Date(s) - 22/10/2019
19:00 - 21:00

BCA College

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We are happy to announce our second PyData Piraeus meetup which will feature awesome presentations from two innovative companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Upstream and Titan Cement Company! We are very enthusiastic about welcoming Alex Palamides, Apostolos Dimopoulos and George Tsiagkas from Upstream and Ilias Panagoulias, Alexandros Tsolkas and Panagiotis Ypsilantis from Titan! It’s a great honour to have you on board with us at this event!

The team from Upstream will be discussing their ground-breaking Fraud Detection and User Profiling solution. Then the team from Titan will outline the application of Data Science to the industry including Supply Network Optimization and Inventory Optimization using forecasting and Monte Carlo simulation models. They will also be discussing Real Time Optimization of the cement production process.


19.00 – 20.00: Upstream’s Fraud Detection Solution & Free Internet Essentials Product from a Data Science Perspective, Alex Palamides, Data Science / Analytics Manager at Upstream| Apostolos Dimopoulos, Head of Product SecureD at Upstream | George Tsiagkas, Technical Product Manager at Upstream, ZeroD

In this presentation we will discuss about two of Upstream’s core products: Secure-D is the leading anti-fraud platform that detects and blocks even the most sophisticated types of mobile ad fraud securing mobile users and safeguarding mobile operators. After discussing the business side we will focus on the Machine Learning / Deep Learning implementation of the fraud detection scheme. Zero-D is a new Upstream product that provides mobile subscribers access to the internet essentials even when left without data. We will focus on our Deep Learning approach that exploits user generated data to perform user profiling and offer personalized product experience

Alex Palamides: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-palamides/
Apostolos Dimopoulos: https://www.linkedin.com/in/apostolos-dimopoulos-27552510/
George Tsiagkas: https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-tsiagkas/

20.00 – 20.40: Data Science Initiatives in Titan Cement Company, Ilias Panagoulias, Data Scientists at Titan Cement Company | Alexandros Tsolkas, , Data Scientists at Titan Cement Company | Panagiotis Ypsilantis, Senior Advanced Analytics Specialist at Titan Cement Company

TITAN Group is an international cement and building materials producer aspiring to serve the needs of society, while contributing to sustainable growth with responsibility and integrity. During the era of Industry 4.0 Titan Group is investing in a Digital Transformation strategy with several Data Science projects being part of it. Alexandros Tsolkas will introduce us to Titan Group and its activities and he will give an overview on how we apply Data Science, from the data management to the way we collaborate with the industry experts. Panagiotis Ypsilantis will summarize the Supply Chain Advanced Analytics use cases in the cement industry (Demand Forecasting, Supply Network Optimization, Inventory Optimization) that currently are developed in Titan and he will present with more details the way that Titan optimizes its Spare Parts Inventory using forecasting and Monte Carlo simulation models. Finally, Ilias Panagoulias is going to describe the challenges and the results of the implementation of a Real Time Optimization platform in the cement process.

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