3 PyData Piraeus meetup: Next-Gen Process Automation & Recommender Systems

Date(s) - 03/12/2019
19:00 - 21:00

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We are super excited to announce our 3rd PyData Piraeus meetup! As always, we have arranged for two exceptional presentations delivered by world class experts in the field of Data Science and Analytics! We are honoured to host Petros Katsileros, Deep Learning Engineer at DeepLab – Taboola Algo Group, Dr. Gerasimos Mileounis, Principal Data Scientist and Machine Learning Manager at Accenture, Efstathios Lempesis, Data Scientist and Software Engineer Consultant at Accenture and Giannis Moschopoulos, Data Scientist at Accenture.

Petros will talk to us about Recommender Systems, while the team from Accenture about next-gen process automation with AI.

We would also like to thank our sponsor wappier: Intelligent Revenue Management for its help and support!

[masked]: Deep Learning in Recommender Systems at Scale, Petros Katsileros, Deep Learning Engineer at DeepLab – Taboola Algo Group

The presentation consists of two parts. The first has to do with very large-scale production systems, specifically the system we have at our disposal. We will discuss the size of the problem we are called upon to solve, the amount of data at our disposal, and what infrastructure is needed to train and serve it. In the second part we will talk about Machine Learning Research Areas that our team deals with on daily basis. Specifically, for networks & modelling, optimization & training, exploration / exploitation trade off and finally for Uncertainties. It’s all about the problem of Recommender Systems and specifically about the solutions we use.
[masked]: Coffee Break
[masked]: Using Python to Drive Efficiencies using Process Automation and AI, Gerasimos Mileounis, PhD, Principal Data Scientist | Analytics, Big Data, BI, Data Mgmt and Machine Learning Manager, Efstathios Lempesis, Data Scientist | Software Engineer, Consultant at Accenture, Giannis Moschopoulos, Data Scientist at Accenture Greece

At Accenture we make it easier for clients to transform the enterprises through Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation. In some cases, this may require developing solutions that leverage our Data Science expertise and are becoming of key importance to drive efficiencies for the people who use them.
The Greek CoE of Applied Intelligence has proven expertise on Artificial Intelligence and in this presentation, we will emphasize on a sub-category which is process automation. Traditional process automation is primarily based on programming and on methods to integrate different systems. Our CoE, with its team of AI specialists and more than 100 data scientists, has already developed a range of use cases that leverage Machine Learning, Browser Automation, API calls, image processing, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Robotics and all contribute to a robust next-gen RPA automation pipeline. Python can do RPA, Machine Learning model processing and the whole AI thing.
The first part of the presentation will be focused on the art of possible on next-gen process automation. During the second part the presenters will be deep diving on two separate use cases of next-gen process automation:
a) AI enabled Web Crawler accelerator and
b) Intelligent Report Automation.

–> Link to full bios of speakers: https://www.facebook.com/PyDataPiraeus/posts/156458635718687?__tn__=K-R

20:45 – 21:00 Light Refreshments

Looking forward to seeing you all!
The organizing team,
Vladimir, Manos, Christos& Thanos

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