#ADV Conference 2022: FIWARE – Open Standards for Smarter Solutions

Date(s) - 30/08/2022

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

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ADV Conference 2022: FIWARE – Open Standards for Smarter Solutions

Networked public space offers many new opportunities, but also presents municipal administrations with many new tasks. Find out which framework conditions open source solutions for urban data platforms can create to ensure optimal use of digital resources. Learn from international best-practice examples from the municipal sector, take a look into the future of FIWARE with us, benefit from new points of contact for the private sector and deepen your user skills in the ADV Conference 2022 with the topic FIWARE: Open Standards for Smarter Solutions. Organized by Austrian Digital Value (ADV) on August 30, the event will bring together experts in the field and give a comprehensive insight into the world of FIWARE.

This conference is important to you because

It offers an overview of the current status of innovative technological possibilities for urban and living space development.

you can meet technology providers and decision-makers from a highly specialized area for uncomplicated networking.

you get an insight into context management standards for interoperable platforms for digital infrastructure.

you can deepen your knowledge in a practical workshop.

You will learn what chances and possibilities open source solutions offer for your municipality.

you can learn from the best and ask them any questions.

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