Angular Athens 5th Meetup

Date(s) - 26/02/2019
19:00 - 22:00




– 19:00 – 19:15 – Networking, food

– 19:15 – 19:40 – Exploring the Lighthouse (Knowledge level: All levels) – Katerina Skroumpelou.

– 19:45 – 20:10 – Securing Front-end Applications (Knowledge level: All levels) – Michalis Tzikas

– 20:15 – 20:25 – free pass for a Code.Learn program (Code.Hub – https://www.codehub.gr/learnprograms/) – giveaway

– 20:25 – 20:35 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with custom Angular Keycap (SAE Education) – giveaway

– 20:35 – 22:00 – Networking, food-beers


Talk Details:

– Exploring the Lighthouse (Katerina Skroumpelou)

In this session will explore the awesome Lighthouse tool and its cool features. We will start from bootstrapping a simple web application, and we will see how we can reach better scores in each of the five audits of Lighthouse, “PWA”, “Performance”, “Accessibility”, “Best Practices” and “SEO” in our web applications.

We’ll finetune our web app, picking and adding code here and there to improve these numbers. We’ll talk about the concepts of the manifest, the serviceworker, the app responsiveness, no javascript environments, and how these are evaluated by the Lighthouse tool.

The purpose of the talk will be to showcase how the Lighthouse tool can help us build better apps for the web, and the mobile web. And the accessible web. And the web where connectivity is poor and you end up playing T-Rex runner.


– Securing Front-end Applications (Michalis Tzikas)

What are the most important security vulnerabilities you must know? How angular can protect us? Learn the most popular vulnerabilities and be prepared for these attacks.

Do you know any of these? XSS, SOP, Injections, CORS, JWT, CSRF, CSP, XSSI, Cookies If not… this may be the perfect time to learn what happens under the hood.

Are you not an Angular Developer? It doesn’t mind… This is not only for the perfect guys

Angular Athens 5th Meetup

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019, 7:00 PM

Pireos 100 Athina, GR

59 Members Attending

Heads up Angularians🤘, Join us for the fifth Angular Athens meetup @INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung on Tuesday, February 26, at 19:00. For the fifth event, we have three talks, drinks, food, amazing gifts and of course time for networking. ————————————————————– We would like to thank all of our generous spons…

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