Coding Dojo: Refactor this!

Date(s) - 05/03/2020
19:00 - 21:30


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Welcome to the 2nd session of the coding dojo series in Athens!

In this session will focus on refactoring and we will try to learn a few things about it.

For our hands-on part will be using:

So, bring your laptops and prepare to code in your favourite language and environment.


19:00 – 19:20
By working in teams we will try to answer some interesting questions about refactoring and share our thoughts there.

19:20 – 20:30
Hands-on time! We will try to learn by working in pairs on the kata.

20:30 – 20:45
We will be sharing our approach and our learnings so far.

20:45 – 21:30
An opinionated approach for the kata will be presented and adapted depending on what we have learned in the previous steps.

* People of all backgrounds and levels are welcome. Sharing and learning is our main goal.

** Programming language is not an issue. Choose your favourite or experiment with a new one.

*** A beers gathering will follow around the venue area!

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