#Copernicus Hackathon

Date(s) - 27/05/2022 - 29/05/2022

Congress Center Pavilion

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The Copernicus Hackathon – Bari 2022 is a 3-day non-stop event taking place in Bari, where participants will meet to create innovative mobile applications based on Copernicus data and services. Developers, designers of web interfaces and mobile apps, but also young innovators, undergraduates and graduates and passionate about data analysis, this call is for you!

Take up the challenge of Copernicus Hakcathon 2022 and face the challenges of Climate Change!

Use satellite images and data from the Copernicus Program and create innovative solutions, thanks to the use of new technologies, to reduce the effects of climate change on coastal areas!

Challenge # 1


The coastal areas, due to their conformation, are much more at risk than inland areas. In fact, in these areas, the effects of Climate Change can be devastating:

• housing

• business

they often suffer significant material damage, which requires high compensation for insurance companies.

Teams that choose this challenge will have, with the support of satellite images and Copernicus data, to create new services, innovative products for the insurtech sector, with a view to:

• identify the areas with the highest risk of damage

• identify new indemnity models

• devising new methods of interaction between communities and insurance bodies

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