#Data Week NL in Den Bosch

Date(s) - 27/06/2022 - 02/07/2022

Innovation Quarter Den Bosch

Κατηγορία(ες) Δεν υπάρχουν κατηγορίες

Internet of Things (IoT). Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning (ML). You’ve probably seen these “data-related terms” come up, but they still feel like a far-from-your-bed show. Unjustly, because the role of data in our daily lives is only increasing. Many organizations and educational institutions have been fully committed to the opportunities that data offers for years. At the same time, many citizens are still (too) little aware of the influence of data.  

Dates = value. We improve healthcare by making smart use of data. We optimize business processes and find answers to mobility issues and the energy transition using data. There are countless examples. But… collecting and interpreting data also presents challenges and risks. How do we ensure that sufficient attention is paid in our education to the opportunities offered by digitization? We must also pay attention to security and privacy. And on top of that: how does everyone stay connected and do we prevent digital illiteracy? Because that smart data train rumbles on. And requires data skills. Something to think about. 

Datastad ‘s-Hertogenbosch – with educational partners Avans, HAS, JADS and Koning Willem I College and leading data companies in the ranks – continuously focuses on these important issues. During Data Week NL we offer a platform to entrepreneurs, organizations and educational institutions that show what the power of data is today. And important: the possible dark sides of the use of (big) data are also discussed.

Data Week NL ‘breathes’ data from June 27 to July 2, 2022 for six days in the middle of the Brabant capital. In the Innovation Quarter, for example, we nurture innovation, knowledge sharing and experience. Encourage discussion and focus. And wonder and connect with data art, design and film. 

Representatives of companies, government organizations and educational institutions and students and residents meet, inspire and learn from each other. The pillars of our city – Leading Data City, City of Meeting and Cultural City of the South – will come together again this summer in Data Week NL. Justly. Because the importance is obvious. data matters. A lot. For everyone. Make sure you’re there!

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