Digital Health Meetup #4

Date(s) - 05/11/2018
19:00 - 21:00



Hello wonderful digital health enthusiasts. We hope this email finds everyone well! It’s time to schedule one more session for 2018 of the Digital Health series taking place in Thessaloniki with the theme about “Building Intelligent Data Products in Healthcare”

Strategic decisions you make around big data and analytics can play a big role in today’s healthcare climate. Big Data and data science offers many opportunities of building products for the healthcare industry, such as disease identification and diagnosis, crowdsourcing treatment options, monitoring drug response

Join us for an evening of talks from leading data scientists across the health and technology sectors to discuss technologies used to analyze large scale data (Big Data), obtain predictive insight, and exploit business opportunities from data products. Come and meet other data enthusiasts together to foster the exchange of ideas and the intellectual growth of the data community within the healthcare sector. The event will take place in Thessaloniki @Ok!Thess. And of course, the evening will end with a networking session.

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