Software Freedom Kosova Conference 2019

Date(s) - 04/04/2019 - 07/04/2019

Kino Armata

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SFK | Software Freedom Kosova is the annual international conference held in Kosovo organized to promote free/libre open source software, free culture and open knowledge, now in its 8th edition and 10th anniversary. It is organized by FLOSSK, a non governmental, not for profit organization, dedicated to promotion of software freedom and related philosophies. Almost all sessions will be held in English. Entry is free, thanks to our partners and supporters, but you have to register. This year’s Software Freedom Kosova Conference will take place in Prishtina on 4-7 April 2019. It will be the tenth anniversary of the conference, organised by FLOSSK, the NGO advocating free and open source software in Kosovo.

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