#ELISA Summit

Date(s) - 07/09/2022 - 08/09/2022

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The ELISA Summit will offer an introductory overview, more in-depth content, emerging trends, and hot topics in using open source software in safety-critical applications.

This event is open to any and all who are involved or interested in defining, using, or learning about common elements, processes, and tools that can be incorporated into Linux-based, safety-critical systems amenable to safety certification.

Attendees will hear directly from those leading or actively involved in the various ELISA working groups to get an overview of their achievements, current focus and activities, and plans for the future.

This is also a unique opportunity for those in the open source and safety communities to exchange ideas, perspectives, and updates to strengthen the foundation for closer collaboration–to close the gap between functional safety and open source development velocity.

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