Getting Into InfoSec via Open Source (Workshop)

Date(s) - 02/03/2019
17:00 - 19:00

Open Labs Hackerspace

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This presentation is an overview of the vast career opportunities (both technical and non-technical) in the field of InfoSec (Information Security). This is meant to expose ICT enthusiasts to the wide array of career opportunities and community projects available in the InfoSec industry. In addition, this will highlight the numerous ways that Open Source can help you enter into the InfoSec community whether it is Open Source coding contributions, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering/sharing, Open Data publication, helpful Twitter accounts and blogs to follow for various InfoSec information, etc.

Of particular importance is highlighting to users that there are ethical ways to “hack” to identify coding vulnerabilities and to help create secure code while defending against hacking attacks. Exposing users to these ethical routes will help deter them from joining lucrative, illegal hacking activities, and will show them how they can benefit their community using their passions and skills.

While coding skills are not required for many roles in InfoSec, for those that are into coding this presentation will emphasize ways to create and contribute to Open Source projects related to InfoSec as a means of learning about security issues and tools. This is also an incredible way to connect with world-class security researchers and share your contributions via Open Source code creation, contribution and sharing in forums like hackerspaces, podcasts, workshops and even security conferences both local and abroad.

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