Global Cloud Computing Open Source Conference 2018

Date(s) - 21/03/2018 - 22/03/2018

National Convention Center in Beijing


The history of open source can be traced back to 1960s. After decades of development, open source has gone from small to large, from a sketch to a mainstream. Today, open source has become the most energetic, open, and promoted business model. Especially in the era of cloud, open source has become the main force to lead the development of the IT industry.

In 2018, what would be like in cloud computing of open source? Who will play the leading role in it? On March 21 -22, 2018, “Global Cloud Computing Open Source Conference 2018 will be held in National Convention Center in Beijing. That would have an answer to the questions mentioned above.

This conference is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information, sponsored by China Information Communication Research Institute, the well-known open source cloud computing industry alliance (OSCAR), and Chinese IDC, Efficient Operation and Maintenance Community co-sponsored. Keynote speeches, research published, forums, exhibitions, which can help attendees in an all-round and multi angle in-depth understanding of the conference.

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