#Hybrid event: 2nd All Things Energy Forum

Date(s) - 02/06/2022 - 03/06/2022

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The current situation

  • Automation, smart grids and storage are becoming an important complement to renewables and demand management
  • CSP with 6-9 hours of storage can now compete with fossil fuels
  • nuclear, especially smaller-scale and/or floating, appears promising and the ‘holy grail’ of fusion has had a major breakthrough at the UK-based JET laboratory
  • hydrogen and carbon utilization and storage had huge momentum in 2021: project pipelines ballooned, new policies and funding pots were announced and COP26 spurred net-zero targets and hydrogen is being called upon to gradually take up the role of hydrocarbons

Economics and Green Finance present a great challenge for energy operators and especially investors:

    • The prices of energy products eg coal, oil, gas, uranium, CO2 emissions and, indirectly, freight rates have been rapidly increasing, some to record levels
    • As a result, energy-intensive manufacturing and the transport industry are facing tremendous energy price increases – or even shortages
    • Geopolitics, whether in the form of crises are in fact exacerbating the energy crisis. In fact, due to current global demand and recent geopolitical tension [Russia/Ukraine], it is likely for energy prices to increase and stay volatile for the foreseeable future

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