#Hybrid event: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Hands-on Virtual Workshop

Date(s) - 02/06/2022
03:00 - 07:00

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Learn all about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Join Red Hat technical experts for a virtual hands-on workshop and see how Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 8 can help you deploy, manage and innovate on a platform that will meet your needs today and scale for the future.

You will be equipped with the skills to take back to your organisation and implement right away.

About this workshop

This workshop will cover the features, specifications and improvements that comprise the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.

RHEL 8 brings many improvements over previous releases, including:

  • Application streams, which enables the use of the latest interpreters, compilers and libraries, while maintaining full backward compatibility and stability of the system
  • The web console has been completely overhauled, and significant new features have been added, such as session recording
  • Image builder provides the easy creation of customized RHEL installation images
  • There is a new update-crypto-policies tool, which applies cryptographic policies system-wide
    • TLS, IPsec, DNSSEC, Kerberos, and SSH protocols are covered
  • The system Python interpreter has been updated to version 3.6
  • System firmware updating is now built into the GNOME Software tool, using fwupd
  • The system firewall has been upgraded to ‘nftables’ from ‘iptables’, which provides significantly better performance. The firewall manager, ‘firewalld’, remains the same

What you’ll learn

  • What’s new in RHEL 8
  • How to use the web console
  • How to update your system
  • How to manage terminal session recording
  • How to manage containers with podman
  • How to manage system-wide cryptographic policies
  • How to manage application streams
  • How to use OpenSCAP to harden your system according to industry security baselines
  • How to build, run, and share containers with the latest container tools (podman, buildah, skopeo)
  • How to use RHEL system roles with Ansible

Who is this workshop best for?

The RHEL 8 workshop is meant for anyone who has any exposure to Linux, whether you have used this distribution, or not.

Who should attend?

Architects, developers, technical leads, operations engineers and anyone interested in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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