Date(s) - 10/09/2018 - 12/09/2018

Smith Memorial Student Union Portland State University


The Koha library management software community’s annual worldwide conference. No registration fee is required to attend.

The 2018 conference is in Portland, Oregon, USA. Over 7 days there is:

  • The conference itself, with talks and discussions (10-12 September)
  • A culture day, where community members explore the place they are visiting (13 September)
  • A HackFest, where librarians, developers and community members get together to improve Koha (14-16 September)

KohaCon is the Koha community’s annual world-wide conference, which is held on a different continent every year. Librarians, developers, support providers and community members get together to learn about and improve Koha. For more information visit the conference website https://kohacon2018.bywatersolutions.com/

Koha is used by thousands of libraries around the world to manage and share their resources and collections with their communities. Features include a public catalogue, issuing and return of resources, cataloguing using library standards (MARC), extensive reporting, and all the main features expected to help libraries of all sizes and types manage and share their collections. For more information visit https://koha-community.org/


10 Sep 2018 to 16 Sep 2018

Portland, Oregon, USA
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