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Date(s) - 12/09/2022 - 15/01/2023

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Program that leads to Certification, Preparation-Practice for MEC & Certification procedure

For new or low experienced Moodle users

It is a program that combines training and certification and is addressed to ALL those who want to learn Moodle, to work/experiment with their own educational material, and finally to gain the Moodle Educator Certificate.

It takes place in two phases:

In the first phase at Widetraining.gr…

  • You study and participate in all the activities of the courses Introduction, Advanced, and Educational Moodle courses to acquire the necessary knowledge
  • You study some additional specific resources (accessibility, attributing, feedback) that are directly related to the proper creation of a course
  • You digitize your own educational content in the Sandbox course based on the instructions you have in 6 (or 7) Moodle assignments and the feedback you get from the Instructor Team
  • You collaborate with your classmates in a dual role of teacher/ learner

To complete the first phase, you have to gain the 3 badges of the Intro, Advanced, Educational courses and receive confirmation from the Instructor Team that the 6 (or 7) Moodle assignments are considered complete.

The second phase follows at education.moodle.com for the Certification process. Keep in mind that the more work you put in the first phase, the easier you will complete the second!

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