MoodleMoot Colombia 2019

Date(s) - 29/08/2019 - 30/08/2019

Cámara de Comercio

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What are MoodleMoots?

MoodleMoot conferences are held around the world, with a focus on encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices of the open source learning platform.

MoodleMoots started when the global Moodle community saw a need to come together and share their experiences with the open source platform – what they have learnt, what works and what doesn’t – so others can learn from those experiences to enhance and improve their Moodle sites.

MoodleMoots have been running for over a decade, and today, these conferences are run worldwide by:

  1. Moodle HQ (the driving organisation behind the Moodle project)
  2. Moodle Community members
  3. Moodle Partners or other Moodle users who organise Official MoodleMoots (supported and endorsed by Moodle HQ)

Why attend a MoodleMoot?

MoodleMoots are attended by presenters, members of the Moodle community, Moodle users from around the world, Moodle Partners and sponsors.

If you are a Moodle user and would like to share your insights or best practices into using Moodle, then we encourage you to register to become a presenter. The information you share will assist other Moodlers get the best out of their learning environments.

If you and your organisation / institutions are new to Moodle and you’d like to increase your knowledge of the learning platform, then we encourage you to attend MoodleMoots and collaborate with other Moodle users.

MoodleMoots are also a rich source of information for Moodle system administrators to engage and share ideas and innovation with other admins.

Lastly, if you just love Moodle and support the mission of this open source project to empower educators and learners, you will find a community of like-minded people in the MoodleMoots.

What normally happens at a MoodleMoot?

Each MoodleMoot will have a different program and associated activities. To view these please click on the MoodleMoots drop down link.

Typically, a MoodleMoot will run between 2 – 3 full days and can include a combination of:

  • Introduction to Moodle workshops
  • Developers’ jam sessions
  • Key note presentations
  • Break out presentation sessions
  • Pecha kucha
  • Community panel sessions
  • And social activities (because we like doing what we do while having fun!), which might include formal dinners, comedy sessions and dancing.


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