MoT Athens Meetup #5: Introducing Selenium 4 & Learning and Testing Models

Date(s) - 19/02/2019
18:00 - 21:00

Hellenic American Union


MoT Athens is pleased to announce Simon Stewart and Beren Van Daele as the keynote speakers for 5th Meetup on Tuesday, February 19, 2019!!

Simon is the Selenium Project’s lead, the creator of WebDriver, and the co-editor of the W3C WebDriver specification. His career has lead him through ThoughtWorks, Google, and Facebook, and he’s now a Principal Engineer at Deliveroo. He speaks regularly at conferences, and lives in London with his family.
Beren is a Freelance consultant who shapes software delivery teams to improve on their work and their understanding of quality. Once a Software Tester, now a Remote Product Owner, he travels around, meeting software crafters all across Europe to learn from and teach. Creator of TestSphere & RiskStorming, organiser of BREWT and part of the Ministry of Testing family.

Welcome to the 5th meet-up of Ministry of Testing – Athens

• 18:00 – 18:30 Attendance/Registration
• 18:30 – 18:40 Welcome from Organizers
• 18:50 – 19:30 Presentation: Modeling your learning & testing process
Beren Van Daele, Creator of TestSphere & RiskStorming.
• 19:30 – 19:50 Coffee Break
• 20:00 – 21:00 Presentation: Introducing Selenium 4
Simon Stewart, Selenium Project’s lead.
21:10 – 22:15 Networking with pizza, beers and Cocktails @ HAU Roof Garden!

Knowledge level: Junior, Intermediate
Language: All the talks will be in English

Please Note: According to the Hellenic American Union policy, a registration procedure is required. Therefore, please arrive on time to avoid delays at the registration desk. The Meetup will start on time (18:30).
As always this is a free-event.

1) Title: Introducing Selenium 4
Speaker: Simon Stewart
Selenium 4 is coming! The team have been working hard since the last 3.x release to add new features and improve the experience of developing with Selenium. In this talk, we’ll walk through updating an existing java Selenium test suite and scaling it up to run on Grid 4 hosted in the cloud. Not only will you see how easy the upgrade will be, you’ll also discover the new features added in Selenium 4.

2) Title: Modeling your learning & testing process
Speaker: Beren Van Daele
It’s been said that Testing = Learning + EvaluationSince Software Testing has only been around for 60 years and Learning since before ancient Greece, it makes sense to research what we can about learning.Kolb is an educational scientist who came up with four different learning styles. These have been widely used in educational programs to make learning on a global scale more effective.Playing, Modeling, Theorizing, Experimenting.In Testing, as in learning, each of us have a preferred starting point. Yet it is only when we go through all four activities our learning becomes complete. What can we learn from these preferences so as to strengthen our testing?

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