Netdev 0x14

Date(s) - 17/03/2020 - 20/03/2020

Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront


THE Technical Conference on Linux Networking

Netdev 0x14 coming to Vancouver, Canada this spring, March 17th to 20th, 2020.

Netdev 0x14 will be held at Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, 1133 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 3T3; located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Netdev 0x14, like all the previous netdev conferences, is a conference of the netdev community, by the netdev community, for the netdev community. Linux kernel networking and user space utilization of the interfaces to the Linux kernel networking subsystem are the focus. If you are using Linux as a boot system for proprietary networking, then this conference _may not be for you_.

The CFS has ended and Netdevconf 0x14 is closed for submissions. The accepted sessions will be announced. Registration is open and more information on travel and accomodation is available on the Travel page

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