#Online event: inside agile conference

Date(s) - 03/05/2022 - 04/05/2022

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Hardly any company today can do without agile working methods, many teams are now using agile methods. However, they often have to realize that this does not automatically make them faster, more agile and more efficient.

The inside agile conference takes up the problem and shows which solutions have proven themselves in practice.

This includes, among other things, the following questions:

  • Which leadership style suits me and how can I develop as a leader?
  • How do I improve the work of self-organized teams and their collaboration?
  • Which methods and ideas help me to make the entire company more agile?

The conference is aimed at executives at all levels , product managers and people in agile roles such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners or Agile Coaches.

Inside agile offers a well-founded, practical overview and exciting insights into what agile work means for the development of managers, teams and companies today . The varied program of lectures and discussions encourages more agile leadership and gives fresh impetus from within agile companies.

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