#Online event: Alchemy Conf

Date(s) - 28/05/2021

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Alchemy Conf is a gift to the Elixir community from Subvisual. It is a magical one day event where all Elixir, Erlang and BEAM developers and enthusiasts come together, share knowledge and foster the community.

It is a non-profit, carbon-neutral conference. All proceeds go to charity and we plant a tree for each attendee joining us.

We can have fun and we can do good at the same time. With Alchemy Conf, all participants get to nurture social causes and their people.

All the proceeds will be split between the institutions Virar a Página and Kibera With Love.

How does this work?

The base price is 25€. Everyone is free to donate any amount on top of that. The amount will be donated to the above mentioned causes. We will make sure it gets equally split among both institutions.

We are also doing our best to be as carbon-neutral as possible. We teamed up with treethis, our very special ecological partners in making this as much of a green conference as we can! For every attendee that joins us, we will be planting a tree to help reduce our carbon footprint and, if possible, leave the world just a little bit better than before.

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