#Online event: “Analysing Political Speeches in R: Some Approaches” with Evan Odell

Date(s) - 22/03/2021
21:00 - 22:00

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Abstract: Legislative debate transcripts can provide unique insights into politics and policy. They can be used to identify popular topics among different legislators, reveal party factions that do not show up in voting behaviour, and longitudinal changes in the language used to discuss certain topics, amongst other things. In this webinar I’ll discuss some approaches and potential pitfalls to analysing legislative debate, using the British House of Commons as an example.

Biography: Evan Odell is a junior data consultant at Pandata and R programmer, based in Berlin. Evan has written numerous R packages, primarily for accessing and processing data, and created a dataset of UK House of Commons speeches available as a single RDS or CSV file. He has previously worked for Disability Rights UK, Queen’s University and as a freelancer for London Business School.

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