#online event: Artificial Intelligence for the Public Sector

Date(s) - 07/06/2022 - 09/06/2022

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To address the challenges and seize the opportunities that AI brings to advance the digital transformation of public administrations in the EU, the JRC and DIGIT propose a multidisciplinary conference in which academia, civil society, governments and private sector can come together and jointly help defining the way forward under the umbrella of the goals of the Digital Decade.

A High-Level session made of two consecutive panels, where senior management from relevant Commission services, representatives from Member States and Academia will be able to confront each other and with the audience, reflecting on the messages that emerged from the first week of webinars.

The panels aim to address two of the main strands of reflection around the use of AI for the public sector: the potential of AI for economic growth and the role of the public sector as a traction for it, and the legitimacy questions that arise from the use of AI in public services, considering its specific features and associated risks.

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