#Online event: Conf42: Machine Learning 2022

Date(s) - 19/05/2022

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No one can deny that artificial intelligence is all the rage. After a cold winter, it is making a strong comeback with increasingly impressive advances. Maybe that’s why people are starting to look with suspicion at this technology.

But in this uncertain landscape, one thing is clear: machine learning won’t put you out of a job, although you may never work the same way again.

AI-generated fake videos are getting more popular and convincing.

Deepfakes are so-named because they create a fake video using deep learning technology, a branch of machine learning that applies neural net simulation to massive data sets.

The best deepfake examples also show how deep learning technology could transform pipelines for filmmakers and 3D artists and seriously cut down on editing time. Sometimes less frighteningly referred to as AI-generated videos or synthetic media, deepfakes are becoming a common part of the process for mainstream moviemaking.

Deepfake technology can seamlessly stitch anyone in the world into a video or photo they never actually participated in.

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