#Online event: Datathon: Innovative solutions for a data-driven energy transition

Date(s) - 10/09/2022 - 11/09/2022

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EITI data represents a resource and an opportunity for data-driven solutions to tackle the energy transition, a key climate change issue. However, the potential of this data remains untapped. Partnered with the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) and Thibi, this datathon aims to provide innovative solutions and tools to support a transparent energy transition. Funding for the datathon has been made possible by USAID.

The datathon is structured as a design challenge: Each participant will be given a dataset, with the focus on producing a solution that matches one of the four scenarios. Each scenario has been written to match the current needs of EITI stakeholders, allowing applicants to work on prototypes that could make a real impact in the field of energy transition. Our team is available to match skills for applicants who are missing team members to work on their prototype. Additionally, mentors will be available before the final event to share their expertise on the scenarios, the data and/or technical challenges. Helpers will be available during the event to address any last minute challenges.

The two-day event will be from 10-11 September 2022. Participating teams will be selected through an open call for proposals and engaged in using data to find an innovative solution for one of four energy transition scenarios. Prizes will be awarded to the teams who come up with the best tool during the event.

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