#Online event: DeveloperWeek Global 2020

Date(s) - 16/06/2020 - 17/06/2020

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Join Thousands of Developers, Engineers & Technical Leaders at the World’s Largest Virtual Developer & Engineering Conference.

DeveloperWeek Global 2020 is the world’s largest virtual developer & engineering conference, where thousands of participants from across the globe converge online for 100+ keynote & technical talks, developer technology virtual pitch contest, developer awards, virtual hackathon, virtual expo, and prizes for supporting the developer community.

In 2020 the world has faced a global health crisis from the coronavirus, but we as global citizens are able to organize and come together, and support each other professionally within online communities.

DeveloperWeek Global is produced by the DevNetwork team. We attract 20,000+ on-site attendees annually at our events DeveloperWeek SF Bay, DeveloperWeek New York, DeveloperWeek Seattle, and more.

Conferences, Summits & Workshop Tracks

At the center of DeveloperWeek Global is a Global Dev Summit addressing best practices for managing remote workers and coordinating your global dev team. Additionally, we will host a Dev Leadership Summit that will teach dev professionals how to grow their skills from developer to team lead to engineering manager.

DeveloperWeek Global spans all developer innovation tracks and topics including Artificial Intelligence dev, API Dev, Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes, and 100+ new developer technologies.


Dev Leadership

What does it take to progress from software developer, to team lead, to engineering manager? We ask dev executives about their career paths, and their advice for ambitions developers looking to level up their careers.

Global Dev Management

The Global Dev Summit invites technology leaders across the world to discuss how they build and manage remote teams and global projects. Many top tech companies coordinate their software development across nations, come hear their best practices.

Microservices Innovation

Microservices architecture is an emerging software paradigm that moves engineering from monolithic to service-based design. Learn what microservices architecture is, and hear from companies who have successfully implemented microservices projects.

Developer Technology Innovation

We are inviting dozens of the leading developer technology producers to talk about the latest updates in their products. Come get a landscape view of 2020 developer technology innovation.

Containers & Kubernetes Innovation

IT Management has moved towards DevOps management, and containers & kubernetes are the latest innovation in DevOps. Get introductory and practitioner education on why you need to implement containers & kubernetes.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation

How are developers implementing machine learning, AI, and data science solutions within their projects and businesses? Come discover the new AI architectures and libraries.

API Innovation

Are you developing or managing an API project? Learn from industry experts about API design, development, scalability, management, security, and analytics.

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