#Online event: devopsdays Amsterdam

Date(s) - 29/06/2021

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About devopsdays

Devopsdays is a worldwide series of technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. Each event is run by volunteers from the local area.

Most devopsdays events feature a combination of curated talks (see open Calls for Proposals) and self organized open space content. Topics often include automation, testing, security, and organizational culture.

Event Description

From fledgling startups to established industries, the Netherlands is home to a large, vibrant technology community.

Devopsdays oNLine, co-organized by the Amsterdam and Eindhoven volunteers, brings development, operations, SRE, QA, InfoSec, management, and leadership together to discuss the culture and tools to make better organizations and products.

This June 29, we’re back with a digital event on Remo, a digital event platform aimed at social interactions. We hope this platform, and the agenda, re-create the ambiance and atmosphere of Pakhuis de Zwijger, the physical event space we love (and miss).

The 2021 event will be the ninth time we have held devopsdays, and it should be bigger and better than ever before!


The format of devopsdays oNLine includes main and breakout tracks. The main track is where the keynotes and open spaces happen. The breakouts are where additional breakouts happen.

Talks are relatively short (max 20 minutes), and the schedule alternates between keynotes, breakout talks, ignite talks, and open spaces.

Self-organizing conversations, called Open spaces, are considered a key portion of the event. Conversations happen at virtual tables with 6-8 participants each. A topic, a conversation, no slides. Whoever joins your Open Space may decide to contribute to the conversation, just listen, or leave and join another session.

For those not interested in the Open Spaces, we continue offering breakout tracks or informal social hang time at the virtual bar.

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