#Online event: DevX conference

Date(s) - 02/05/2022 - 03/05/2022

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DevX Conf is a space for creators where we can start from first principles, collaborate, listen, discuss and declutter our workflows, toolchains and minds. To improve developer experience. To make us feel again like everything is at our fingertips. We want to foster an ecosystem that sparks dialogue and establishes best practices and frameworks across the areas of coding, testing, building, deploying, collaborating on and running software.

DevX Conf is about developer experience – our daily experience when trying to get the job done. We write code within specific languages/frameworks, use tools, glue them together to (tool) chains, develop against APIs and communicate and collaborate with our colleagues. All of that should be efficient, sustainable and joyful.

The myriad of tools that are released each single day initially sounded like the promised developer-land. While choice is great, it doesn’t necessarily make our lives easier. How that feels? This pure gold CNCF landscape meme is worth more than a thousand of words. Our friends at Redmonk gave it a name – developer experience gap and brought it home with their definition:

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