#Online event: Digital Deep Dives series The Data Act: Enabling trusted data sharing in Europe

Date(s) - 14/11/2022
15:00 - 16:30

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Following the success of the launch of our Digital Deep Dives event series in spring 2022, DIGITALEUROPE will continue to host these insightful panels. The first in a series of events for this autumn will be a discussion of the Data Act.

The Data Act is the centrepiece of the Von der Leyen Commission’s Data strategy. Its goals are ambitious: unlocking data sharing at EU level to create a “genuine single market for data” and “make Europe a global leader in the data-agile economy”. To achieve these objectives, the Data Act proposal is set to impose data sharing obligations on companies, particularly when it comes to connected devices and their software layers.

But companies in Europe have not waited for the Data Act proposal to start sharing data with their peers… The proposal breaks away from the current market-driven data sharing ecosystem. How will the new regulation impact existing data sharing practices and the way companies do business ? Will it bring legal certainty or disrupt emerging data markets?

The roundtable will answer these central questions and identify how rules for data sharing could match the Data Act’s ambitions.

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