#Online event: DrupalCon Global: The Open Source Digital Experience Conference

Date(s) - 14/07/2020 - 17/07/2020

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What can you expect from DrupalCon Global?

Our event organizers and volunteers are working hard to bring you a virtual version of the DrupalCon experience you know and love. DrupalCon is a mission-centric program of the Drupal Association designed to bring people together to share thought leadership around open source and ambitious digital experiences, provide professional development opportunities to enhance your career and your organization, and invigorate Drupal project momentum. With all of the uncertainty in the world, you can be certain that we are working hard to provide an outstanding DrupalCon experience complete with new innovations made possible by this virtual format.

Be part of the excitement! DrupalCon Global is not just another webinar, but an interactive experience offering the opportunity to make connections that will fuel you and the project well after the event.

To better accommodate our global community, we’ll be expanding the start and end times of the scheduled programming each day and offering specific moments of live networking and togetherness for regional communities throughout the event. Both for the sake of our speakers and staff, this won’t be a 24/7 event, but because much of the content will be available to ticket-holders on demand, you’ll have the freedom to participate at the time you choose.

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