#online event: Dutch PHP Conference

Date(s) - 24/06/2022

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DPC Online Edition – Friday 24 June 2022

Join us for a full day of insights, inspiration & community around PHP and Web Technology!

Dutch PHP Conference

The Dutch PHP Conference is an annual web technology conference around PHP technology.

In previous editions of DPC, we’ve invited each year more than 50 speakers from all around the world to share their expertise and experience with the 600+ attendees in a 3-day conference in the RAI, Amsterdam. Ibuildings organizes this yearly conference with the goal to enable the PHP community to share insights, expertise and experiences in an open and inclusive environment.

The conference is completely in English and is focused on mobile- and web development related to PHP technology.

Mark your calendar for the 16th edition of Dutch PHP Conference – online edition on June 24, 2022!

Just as last year, DPC 2022 will be a free to attend conference, welcoming everyone to gain insights and get inspired around PHP & web technology!

You are invited to join us at Dutch PHP Conference 2022 Online Edition. A full days of new insights, inspiration & community around PHP and Web Technology! Register now and reserve your free spot on Friday 24 June 2022.

We are very pleased to announce that Cal Evans will be hosting DPC22! Like last year, he will be kicking off the event on June 24. It is already the third time that Cal is hosting the online edition of DPC and we are happy to have him again this year.

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