#Online event: ELISE@INSPIRE Conference: Location Interoperability – Lessons learnt. Where next?

Date(s) - 27/10/2021
14:30 - 16:00

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Increasing ‘location interoperability’ and resulting improvements in digital public service delivery have been the primary goals of the ELISE action within the ISA² programme. ELISE has complemented INSPIRE through its cross-sector focus and its close attention to uses of location data and delivery of benefits for public administrations, businesses and citizens.

Under ELISE, frameworks and solutions have been developed, providing recommendations and guidance for applying interoperability principles using location data in digital government. Moreover, tools are available to assess the level of adoption of those practices in the Member States.

The guidance and monitoring within ELISE have been enhanced through a comprehensive set of studies and knowledge transfer activities that have reached out to a large number of stakeholders. ELISE has also made its mark internationally through its work with industry and the United Nations.

This workshop will reveal lessons learnt through these actions both from the ELISE team and key stakeholders who have been part of the journey. The workshop will also give some pointers on future actions related to European digital and data policy, support to the European Green deal, and the evolution of INSPIRE and the EIF. This will include a discussion on the upcoming  ELITE action supported by the Digital Europe (DIGITAL) Programme.




  • Francesco Pignatelli – European Commission Joint Research Centre
  • Simon Vrečar – European Commission Joint Research Centre, External Consultant


  • Francesco Pignatelli – European Commission Joint Research Centre
  • Lorena Hernandez – European Commission Joint Research Centre
  • Ray Boguslawski – European Commission Joint Research Centre, External Consultant
  • Georges Victoria Kalogiru – European Commission, DIGIT
  • Miguel Alvarez – European Commission, DIGIT
  • CheeHai Teo – United Nations Secretariat for Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM)
  • Morten Borrebaek, Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority)
  • Massimo Pedroli – Deloitte

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