#Online event: EmacsConf

Date(s) - 28/11/2020 - 29/11/2020

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EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and memorizing key sequences.

We are holding EmacsConf 2020 as a virtual (online) conference again this year, especially now, given the current state of the world with the ongoing global pandemic. We remain fully committed to freedom, and we will continue using our infrastructure and streaming setup consisting entirely of free software, much like the last EmacsConf. Check out the Schedule and Poster for more details.


On November 28 and 29 you will be able to watch the livestreams via https://live.emacsconf.org, which also has details on how to watch the streams using media players that support streaming (like mpv and VLC).

We’ll record the conference and post the videos and links on the individual talk pages. In the meantime, please enjoy last year’s talks.


For audience questions specifically, we will be experimenting with using a collaboratively-editable Etherpad as the primary means of collecting audience questions. We will be posting a link to the pad closer to the event. If, however, you are unable to access the pad to add your question(s), we will still try to take questions from our questions-specific IRC channel (#emacsconf-questions on chat.freenode.net), and ask one or two volunteers to kindly add questions from that channel to the pad on behalf of folks who are not able to or prefer not to use the web-based questions pad.

Come hang out with us in #emacsconf on chat.freenode.net. You can join the chat using your favourite IRC client, or by visiting chat.emacsconf.org in your web browser, a self-hosted instance of The Lounge free software web IRC client for EmacsConf.

Click here for more info.

Click here to view the schedule.

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