#Online event: Flight Levels Day

Date(s) - 10/10/2022

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Many companies have succeeded in creating agile teams. However, only a few have achieved the desired outcome of becoming an organization that acts agile on the market and possesses a value-driven culture.

  • How to transform agile promises into reality?
  • How to improve collaboration across teams but also across the whole organization?
  • How to facilitate complex cooperation with multiple teams that depend on each other?
  • How to enable continuous management alignment with high-level corporate objectives?
  • How to scale successful agile implementation in large organizations?

During Flight Levels Day, all of these questions will be answered by managers and coaches who have used Flight Levels to run a successful and lasting agile transformation. Discover their success stories and learn from their failures. You are welcome to share one of your experiences, good or bad, during the conference.

The conference is aimed at managers of all levels, product managers, agile coaches, and anyone who wants to bring business agility to their organization.

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