#Online event: [Handy C++ Tutorials] The MQTT Publisher & Subscriber

Date(s) - 20/01/2021
20:00 - 21:00

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In the first installment of the series “Handy C++ Tutorials” we will delve into the creation of a component that enables you asynchronously publish messages to an MQTT broker as well as register callbacks to be invoked when a particular topic is received.

== Subjects ==
– What is the MQTT protocol
– How to create thread-safe message queues
– How to utilize threads to process incoming and outgoing messages
– How to implement the publisher-subscriber design pattern in C++

== Prerequisites ==
– Basic knowledge of modern C++
– (Optional) Familiarity with the code to be demonstrated: https://github.com/platisd/handy-cpp-components

== Handy C++ Tutorials ==
Handy C++ Tutorials are 1-hour workshops dedicated to deep-diving on a particular C++ topic. This may include from code walkthroughs of useful C++ components to step-by-step instructions on how to utilize a particular tool.

Speakers are always needed, so if you would like to present, get in touch!

== JetBrains licence giveaway ==
Make sure to stay until the end of the workshop and participate in the lottery for a yearly license to all of JetBrain’s IDE’s (CLion, IntelliJ, PyCharm etc)!

== Language ==
The workshop will be offered in Greek unless requested otherwise.

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